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WRECKMASTER TRAINING ~ at Purpose Wrecker Sales in Wentzville/St. Louis, MO

Purpose Wrecker Sales hosts WreckMaster Level 2/3 Class, May 5 & 6, 2012
Purpose Wrecker Sales is dedicated and committed to the towing and recovery industry and for over 30 years we have not only offered the best tow trucks and recovery equipment on the market, we have focused on professional advancement within the towing and recovery industry through education and training. With our extensive knowledge of the towing and recovery industry, we understand how many skills are necessary to perform towing and recovery tasks without damage, and how instrumental it is to have quality training in operations, maintenance, and safety techniques.

We have worked closely with WreckMaster to help improve safety and professionalism within the industry and to provide the best training experience available. Take a look at our WreckMaster 2011 Level 2/3 training at Purpose Wrecker St. Louis, MO. Whether it's a hands on training in our large lot/off-site recovery location or classroom training, we provide settings for various scenarios and conditions necessary to deal with real-life situations.

Get the training and instructions from WreckMaster experienced towing and recovery instructors! Call Purpose Wrecker Sales at (636) 639-9700 today for information regarding upcoming WreckMaster training events. OR Register for WRECKMASTER Level 2/3 Training May 5 & 6, 2012

WreckMaster Towing & Recovery Training Program

Since its introduction in 1991, over 20,000 towing and recovery operators have chosen WreckMaster for their towing training and certification worldwide. WreckMaster has focused its efforts on providing the towing and recovery operator with the necessary skills to make them safe, efficient, and effective. The WreckMaster towing & recovery training program has been redeveloped and updated with the latest techniques each and every year it's presented.

WreckMaster offers a comprehensive training program focused on incident management and quick highway clearance. All WreckMaster training courses focus on up-to-date knowledge with new efficient techniques that will make for easier and safer towing & recovery. 2/3 course is the most important course according to WreckMaster, because it lays the ground work for all upper level courses within the WreckMaster training program. Each WreckMaster training course consists of at least two days of towing and recovery training.

Get all your questions answered by WreckMaster experts!
Hosted at Purpose Wrecker Sales in May, a two day WreckMaster level 2/3 class conducted by WreckMaster expert instructors will consist of an informative morning classroom training followed by hands-on experience in the field with real-life situations training each afternoon. Work uniforms, shoes, gloves and hardhats are recommended.

WreckMaster 2/3 Level Training Course At Purpose Wrecker Sales

Any operator with any skill level or experience level can attend this class. There are no prerequisites for the 2/3 class other than a state or provincially issued drivers license. WreckMaster recommends its 2/3 level training as the starting course for operators looking for advanced towing and recovery training.

  • Operators looking to expand their towing and recovery knowledge.
  • Business owners or employees responsible for their company's in-house training.
  • Managers responsible for their company’s safety meeting or anyone interested in reducing their level of risk by implementing the latest towing and recovery skills.
  • Individuals considering a career change into the field of towing and recovery.
  • Towing operators who want to become more efficient by studying the WreckMaster discipline.

* Operators with no or very limited prior towing & recovery experience and sales staff also have the option to begin with WreckMaster Level 1 Class
** Level 2/3 WreckMaster training course must be completed before the next 4/5 level can be taken.

2/3 level course in the WreckMaster training program combines a towing level with a recovery level. Students will learn advanced towing & recovery techniques, resistance, moving, towing cars/trucks, up-righting and upsets, with or without wheels, and more. They will be taught new methods of application and be introduced to non-traditional materials to enhance their job performance. Wreckmaster experts will show them just how much effort it takes to move a car using our attachment techniques, how to calculate the resistance that needs to be overcome, how to incorporate predictability and efficiency - and most importantly, the students will gain confidence by understanding how to use their equipment safely and efficiently.

Upon completion of the course, operators should be able to approach, clear, and leave a scene with confidence; estimate time and equipment needed. Operators will leave knowing how to earn client confidence by using the correct towing terms. As always, professionalism, safety and teamwork are stressed throughout the course. Attendees will receive a WreckMaster training package that includes a training work book, pen, and DVD training video. Upon successful completion of the WreckMaster program, students will receive Level 1 WreckMaster Certification, a WreckMaster ID number, WreckMaster shoulder crest, and WreckMaster photo certification ID card.

Purpose Wrecker Sales has become one of the preferred distributors in North America to purchase towing and recovery equipment from and we take that title very seriously. Since 1981, we have provided top-quality rollback carriers, heavy duty wreckers and tow trucks for sale to towing & recovery professionals throughout the United States. Whether you need top of the line medium duty tow trucks for sale or flatbed/rollback carriers, integrated heavy duty wreckers, or towing & recovery equipment - you've come to the right place!

But that's not all! With over 30 years of experience and extensive knowledge of the towing and recovery industry, we at Purpose Wrecker Sales understand that continual education and training prepares towers to better meet the demands of our ever changing industry while raising the level of safety and professionalism. That's why we work closely with WreckMaster to provide quality training in operations, maintenance, and safety techniques to towing and recovery professionals all over the country.



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