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Looking for new or used towing equipment for sale? Visit the towing specialists at Purpose Wrecker Sales in Wentzville/St. Louis for the industry's best rated towing and recovery equipment. We're a fully stocked distributor offering Miller Industries' equipment, the world renowned manufacturer of towing & recovery equipment. Our relationship with Miller Industries and other notable truck manufacturers allow us to deliver the towing equipment you're looking for fast and easy.

From bi-directional chain locks to heavy duty tow truck equipment, our inventory boasts the toughest high quality towing equipment for sale including a full line of parts and accessories - straps, chains, winches, lifting frames, and underlifts to name just a few. With unparalleled experience in building, customizing and repairing recovery trucks, we're here to help you get the right piece of Miller towing and recovery equipment for your application from the body and chassis right down to the recovery straps.

Purpose Wrecker Sales has established a well respected name among towing and recovery professionals for providing state of the art towing equipment and are one of the few businesses who will work with you to make that next purchase happen. Call Purpose Wrecker Sales at (636) 639-9700 today for more information or sign up as a Subscriber and we'll email you details on every new Miller's tow truck equipment that comes in.


2013 Zacklift Z303 Towing Equipment Towing Equipment: Zacklift Mounted Underlift - Winch/Stiff Legs/Accessory Kit     Stock #: Zacklift

With a lifting capacity of 32,000 lbs and tow rating of 85,000 lbs, Purpose Wrecker's 3 Stage Zacklift Z303 towing equipment for sale is capable of transforming any chassis make model or year, any bare frame or conventional wrecker into a state-of-the art transporter. Delivered road-ready for immediate use, Zacklift Z303 fifth wheeler is equipped with 25,000 lbs fifth wheeler stiff leg, 20,000 lbs planetary winch, fender tool boxes, and more. Zacklift Z303 towing equipment also comes complete with a premium quality electronic valve and corded remote control, and includes all hoses and fittings which are fully routed and connected. All wiring is pre-engineered for immediate hook-up and use.

Used in a wide variety of applications, tried and tested in the toughest markets, Z303 Zacklift fifth wheeler for sale is by far the best 5th wheel lift unit for heavy duty and long distance towing of trucks, tractor trailers, buses, and motor homes. The choice of America's largest trucking companies for years, Zacklift removable underlift ensures damage-free towing of everything a heavy duty tow truck can - at a fraction of the price of a similar wrecker!

Superbly engineered, versatile, easy to hook up, operate and take off, Purpose Wrecker's Zacklift Z303 towing equipment is capable of handling a wide variety of towing & recovery applications. Scale confidently, hook up to anything, lift and reach everything you need to, including the frame, axle, springs and tires - our brand new 2013 Z303 Zacklift towing equipment for sale is ready to be mounted on your tow truck!

The Zacklift Z303 fifth wheeler mounting is easily achieved on ALL makes and models of chassis, with no frame height or width limitations or requirements. Z303 mounts by securely clamping to frame with no welding or bolting! Zacklift Z303 mounting on multiple trucks is easily achieved because of the limitless mounting and complete removal of all mounting hardware. Zacklift fifth wheeler has no wheelbase requirement, no limitations for height, width, wheelbase, and no required positioning of fifth wheel plate. All mounting hardware is removed during the 5 minute drive-off procedure leaving the truck fifth wheel available for full unobstructed use and the truck free of modifications.


2013 Century Multi Deck LCG Carrier Miller has introduced a new multi-deck carrier option to its popular 16 series Century LCG (Low Center of Gravity) carriers. Century's proven LCG subframe design features lower load angle, improved lift capacity, better stability when hauling loads, and enhanced handling performance of loads. For the perfect package in multi-vehicle hauling, expertly engineered multi-deck Century LCG carrier allows the operator to transport three to four cars depending on configuration, with a main carrier deck in a 24 foot length for three car applications, and up to 30 feet in length for four car systems.

Both main deck and optional second upper deck are constructed using aluminum extrusions, while the upper deck also features built in drop pockets to provide additional height clearance. To ensure safer loading and securing of the vehicle, the optional second deck is lowered onto the main deck, than raised and tilted to provide clearance for the next vehicle. Century's auxiliary over the deck system has been manufactured in Miller's European facilities, and used extensively for years many years but has just recently been introduced to the North American market.

Located in Wentzville/St. Louis, Purpose Wrecker Sales is a leading distributor of the world's best towing & recovery equipment for sale manufactured by Miller Industries. Built to take on the hardest recovery jobs, our towing & recovery trucks for sale have the right mix of heavy duty power and extreme performance to ensure years of reliable service. Our new wrecker equipment units feature state of the art Miller tow truck equipment, tools and recovery accessories.

When it comes to finding dependable used towing equipment for sale, Purpose Wrecker provides the best preowned tow truck equipment sales in the St. Louis area. To assist you with your new or used heavy equipment purchase, Purpose Wreckers Sales also accepts trade-ins when a customer buys a new piece of heavy duty wrecker equipment. We also offer financing on new and used heavy equipment for sale.

We have the ability to install conventional or new multi-deck carrier bodies on the truck chassis of your choice and to customize it to fit your business needs. Our services also include wrecker body repairs and tow truck equipment servicing. Whether you choose to upgrade, modify, restore or repair your existing fleet of towing and recovery equipment, visit us at Purpose Wrecker. With a fully staffed 15-bay repair service center, we're able to provide our customers with quality heavy duty Miller towing equipment installation, service, and repair in a timely manner. Call Purpose Wrecker Sales at (636) 639-9700 today for all your new or used heavy equipment needs!



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