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Researching the budget friendly wrecker options? Whether you're looking for a quality used Dodge or International wrecker with Vulcan or Jerr Dan body for sale, you've come to the right place! Take some time to view the used wreckers that are among the most popular choices at Purpose Wrecker Sales. You'll find recaps, data about truck features and options, and specifications to give you an overview of what each of our trucks have to offer. The following used wreckers are among the most popular trucks at Purpose Wrecker Sales in September.

Search through our truck inventory to find a new or used tow truck that will do the job you need it to do. Whether you are looking for a pre-built or custom build wrecker, at Purpose Wrecker Sales in Wentzville/St. Louis, MO we can provide you with the truck built to your exact specifications. Do you have questions on service, warranty, or specific new or used tow truck? Call Purpose Wrecker Sales at (636) 639-9700 today!

New & Used Medium Duty Wreckers For Sale

When it comes down to reliability, you can't go wrong with our inventory of dependable wreckers in a variety of makes and models. Whether you need a used Dodge, International or Vulcan, you'll find only top quality wreckers with fantastic towing and hauling capacities, proven reliability, and an array of body styles and configurations at Purpose Wrecker Sales in Wentzville/St. Louis, MO.

FEATURED USED WRECKER: 2008 Dodge 5500 Vulcan 892 Tow Truck

Chassis: 2008 Dodge 5500  Wrecker: Vulcan 892 Aluminum    Stock #: 125978

Used Dodge Vulcan Wrecker

Upfitted with the Vulcan 892 modular unit with aluminum body, Purpose Wrecker's used Dodge wrecker includes the same features that have made Vulcan the the leader in customer loyalty and satisfaction for towing and recovery equipment. In today's competitive business environment, versatility is a key ingredient to your success. The Vulcan 892 is designed to meet that challenge with the ability to tow a wide variety of vehicles including autos, motorhomes, light trucks and vans. The 892 features: the wheel lift with the ability to lift 6,000 lbs, the underlift capable of lifting up to 6,500 lbs at full extension using the standard lift forks, separate boom and underlift controls and reliable wheel lift design with Vulcan's patented wheel retainers. With 20,000 lb retracted recovery boom, 892 wrecker unit also boasts numerous practical features that distinguish Vulcan as number one choice for conventional wrecker trucks, such as dual 8,000 lb winches, dual boom cylinders, aluminum pylon, tailboard storage for wheel retainers, tailboard safety chains, and more.

Equipped with a powerful Cummins turbo diesel engine and an automatic transmission, Purpose Wrecker's 2008 Dodge 5500 used truck features impressive towing and payload capacities while delivering ultimate versatility and terrific fuel economy. With spacious interior and ample seating, coupled with numerous work-friendly features, such as countless storage locations, cruise control, AM/FM/CD Stereo, power windows and power locks, to name just a few, used Dodge Ram wrecker blends strength and reliability with a smooth ride and exceptional comfort. Featuring excellent visibility and maneuverability, our versatile Dodge Ram 5500 Vulcan 892 used wrecker is easily adjustable for a wide variety of towing & recovery applications.

FEATURED USED WRECKER: 2003 International Jerr Dan

Chassis: 2003 International 4900 247,xxx Miles   Wrecker: Jerr Dan 1210D    Stock #: 597119

Used International Jerr Dan WrekerOutfitted to be reliable, tough, and durable, Purpose Wrecker's 2003 International 4300 used tow truck, with 247,xxx Odometer Miles, still has most of its useful life ahead. Equipped with DT 466 engine, long-lasting, efficient and powerful for moving freight, Purpose Wrecker's 2003 International tow truck also features automatic transmission for added maneuverability, cruise control, air brakes, power windows & locks, and more, to provide a smooth and comfortable ride. Named one of the Top 10 diesel engines ever by Diesel Power magazine, DT engine is the favorite diesel for fleet managers all across America. While offering excellent fuel efficiency and reliability, our IH used tow truck is also roomy and comfortable, with ergonomically designed seating and ample storage. That's why International trucks have a well-earned reputation for adaptability and ability to handle just about any task.

Excellent choice for a recovery bed, Jerr Dan 1210D modular integrated wrecker is a perfect match for the 2003 International 4300 chassis. Engineered for strength and unmatched mobility, our Jerr Dan used wrecker boasts a 12 ton 2-stage hydraulically powered recovery boom and underlift, coupled with HPL 60 wheel lift and dual 10,000 lbs winches. The winches are fixed, so the area under the winches is safe for storage, and recovery boom can handle a side pull. Extendable recovery boom raises and extends without repositioning the integrated underlift, with extended underlift capacity of 5,000 lbs on standard L-arms and 6,000 lbs on standard tools. Designed to provide years of trouble free and corrosion free service, our preowned Jerr Dan wrecker body is packed with numerous practical features, such as tunnel tool box, dual controls, L - arms, safety chains on tailboard, and much more. Versatile, rugged, and powerful, Purpose Wrecker's International Jerr Dan used wrecker is the perfect vehicle to tackle even some of the trickiest jobs, from break-downs to recoveries to repossessions.

If you're looking to buy a used flatbed truck, look no further. Purpose Wrecker Sales has a large selection of affordably priced medium duty used wreckers and heavy duty preowned tow trucks for sale. With our long-standing experience in the towing and recovery industry, our staff will assist you in finding the rollback or any other towing equipment that you're looking for.

Search through our online truck selection to find dozens of quality new & used rollback models and brands such as Century, Vulcan, International, Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, and more. Whether you are looking for a pre-built or custom build rollback or wrecker, at Purpose Wrecker Sales in Wentzville/St. Louis, MO we can provide you with the truck built to your exact specifications. Call Purpose Wrecker Sales at (636) 639-9700 today for great savings on all new & used tow trucks, wreckers, rollbacks & towing equipment sales!


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