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Looking for a medium duty tow truck that's right for your application? Look no further than Purpose Wrecker Sales in Wentzville/St. Louis, MO. Whether you are looking for a pre-built or custom build, new or used tow truck - we have a wealth of choices available for you! We at Purpose Wrecker can provide you with the vehicle - configured to fit almost any use or budget. The following medium duty tow trucks are the most popular vehicles at Purpose Wrecker Sales in March!

Take some time to view some of this month's most popular wreckers at Purpose Wrecker Sales. You'll find recaps, specs, truck features and options on these medium duty tow trucks - plenty of information to give you an overview on what each of the trucks has to offer, available at Purpose Wrecker Sales. Search through our truck inventory where you'll find dozens of new & used models and brands, matched with topnotch Miller Industry's bodies. Or visit us at 1732 Prospect Road in Wentzville/St. Louis, MO. Call Purpose Wrecker Sales at (636) 639-9700 today for more information on the right tow trucks & equipment for your specific application!

Medium Duty Trucks For Sale

We carry all major makes and models of new & used medium duty tow trucks, including Dodge and Chevy tow trucks for sale. With decades of hands-on experience in the towing & recovery industry, we at Purpose Wrecker have the know-how to help you in your next new or used tow truck purchase.

FEATURED NEW TOW TRUCK: 2012 Dodge 5500 Crew Cab Vulcan 894

Chassis: 2012 Dodge 5500 4x4  Wrecker: Vulcan 894 Aluminum     Stock #: 296637

2012 Dodge Ram Vulcan

Equipped with a Cummins turbo diesel engine matched with automatic transmission, Purpose Wrecker's 2012 Dodge Ram 5500 4x4 tow truck for sale provides the ultimate in versatility while delivering impressive towing power. Thanks to its diesel exhaust fluid system, the powerful Cummins engine is the only diesel that meets more stringent Air Resource Board (ARB) state emission standards, allowing the Dodge Ram 5500 to idle indefinitely at a jobsite. With huge cab volume, detailed craftsmanship, and upgraded interior features, Purpose Wrecker's Dodge Ram 5500 crew cab towing truck is built to make your work truck feel more like a work-from-home truck.

Purpose Wrecker's Vulcan 894 adjustable-width modular aluminum body features a full-power two-stage boom with dual boom cylinders, dual 12,000 lb winches and Vulcan's reliable wheel lift design. With 20,000 lb Tow Rating and 20,000 lb Boom Rating, this Vulcan 894 towing & recovery unit also features a tunnel box, tool compartments, aluminum pylon, Code3 LED light bar, and more practical features for increased operator convenience. Mounted on a powerful Dodge Ram 5500 chassis, our new 2012 Dodge Ram Vulcan 894 tow truck is capable of towing a wide variety of vehicles ranging from cars and motorhomes to light duty tow trucks and vans.

FEATURED USED TOW TRUCK: 2010 Chevy 3500 1 Ton Vulcan 804

Chassis: 2010 Chevy 1 Ton  Wrecker: Vulcan 804 aluminum   Stock #: 101459

2010 Chevy  Vulcan Truck

Powered by the reliable 350 Vortec gas engine, featuring diesel-like performance with lower cost, and matched with 400 turbo automatic transmission, Purpose Wrecker's 2010 Chevy 3500 wrecker is easy to handle on and off the towing and recovery jobsite. With impressive hauling and towing capabilities, strong engine and brakes, and responsive steering, our Chevy medium duty truck delivers great visibility, excellent maneuverability, refined and quiet ride, and easy towing under the most demanding conditions.

Upfitted with the Vulcan 804 aluminum body , our 1 ton Chevy is built to handle high volume recovery & towing. Vulcan 804 is one of the easiest and safest units to tow with today using Vulcan’s patented strapless 4,000 lbs wheel lift system. The integrated boom and wheel lift is designed to save weight, thus allowing you the potential for increased legal payload without overloading the chassis. Featuring a 8,000 lbs winch for easy and safe operation, our Vulcan 804 wrecker also provides the operator with independent wheel lift tilt, dual wheel lift and dual boom control stations, driver and passenger side tool compartments, wheel retainer storage pockets built into body, and much more. Built by Purpose Wrecker experienced builders, 2010 Chevy 3500 Vulcan 804 delivers the power and performance for medium duty towing , while keeping you straight and safe - at a very affordable price.

Find dozens of quality new & used medium duty truck models and brands such as Century, Vulcan, International, Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, and more, at Purpose Wrecker Sales in Wentzville/St. Louis, MO. We can provide you with the truck built to your exact specifications. Call Purpose Wrecker Sales at (636) 639-9700 today for great savings on all new & used medium duty trucks sales!


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