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Can't decide between a new or used Heavy Duty tow truck? Consider a Nused tow truck instead. We learned about what we call Nused from our customers. They would bring us a used tandem road tractor and purchase a Heavy Duty Wrecker body from us. They had been doing this for 50 years before Purpose was ever born. So we gave it an acronym and called it Nused. Just like it sounds, a Nused truck is the combination of a NEW wrecker bed and a USED chassis power unit.

We had often heard customers comment after seeing one of our beautiful new heavy tow truck chassis with a new Century heavy duty wrecker bed on the back,"It sure is beautiful, but I have my own chassis. How much money do you want just for the back end (the bed)?" A money saving motive for sure. Most towing companies do not put that many miles on a Heavy Duty wrecker, keeping it close to home for the lucrative wreck or rollover that may occur. Not all, but most Heavy Duty tow trucks see only 20,000 to 30,000 miles per year. To most towers, the short term warranties on New heavy chassis expire when his truck is a year or two old, and he might only have 50,000 miles on it. Not much better warranty that what is on a Purpose Nused. This is why Purpose Wrecker Sales has made a major investment in the nused Heavy Duty Century Wrecker Program. Because it saves money and that makes sense.

Nused 379 Peterbilt New Century 5130 WreckerAt Purpose Wrecker, we start with Quality.
Our Nused heavy duty tow trucks are quality used tow trucks to begin with. We do not buy rebuilt wrecks, salvage, or junk. We purchase retired, late model, used heavy duty truck chassis and road tractors from reputable dealerships that call us when they acquire them.

A Nused truck that delivers a lot of savings!
We stretch and double the heavy duty tow truck's frame, align the drive shafts and carrier bearings using the same program Kenworth, Peterbilt, Freightliner, International uses - the Eaton drive shaft angle analyzer diagnostic system. We install new tires and brakes, and change oil. If needed we install new batteries, hoses, belts, upholstery, bumpers, visors, and more - and service the air conditioning, paint the cab, and polish all aluminum. Our customers get an almost new heavy duty tow truck for a whole lot of savings!

When is Nused better?
Some companies prefer to purchase the truck chassis brand new and put a new heavy duty bed on it. For some applications, the latest technology is a must. In other cases, a Nused tow truck is simply a better choice. If your budget is lean, then Nused tow trucks offer a high quality solution at a low cost. If you study the economics of a nused truck decision, nused saves almost enough money over a new unit that you can buy a new car carrier with the savings. Consider, no FET on our used tow truck chassis, most of our chassis are dependable and durable pre-emission engines, and our chassis warranties for less than $4000 are better and longer than the one year warranties that come with new chassis.

If you're looking for a Nused heavy duty tow truck, Purpose Wrecker Sales in Wentzville/St. Louis feature a Nused Heavy Duty Century Wrecker Program specifically for Nused truck customers. With a long-standing reputation for knowlege and experience in the towing and recovery industry, we'll help you get that next Nused heavy duty tow truck that you're looking for. Give us a call at 636-639-9700 today for Nused tow trucks for sale!

FEATURED NUSED HEAVY DUTY TRUCK: 2006 NUSED Peterbilt 379 Century 5130 HotRod Wrecker

Chassis: 2006 Peterbilt 379, Caterpillar C-15    Wrecker: New Century 5130

Most single axle integrated towing and recovery units have "baby" motors in them. But we at Purpose Wrecker Sales know that our customers like large engines and transmissions, so whenever we find a quality single axle tow truck unit like this Peterbilt - we buy them!

Nused 379 Peterbilt at Miller's FactoryPurpose Wrecker's 2006 379 Peterbilt Nused tow truck for sale, powered by a 475 hp Caterpillar C-15 diesel engine, heavy duty 18 speed transmission, and AirTrac suspension, is equipped to take on a full range of rugged applications. The brand new Century 5130 is the largest single axle integrated Century wrecker with the ability to tow most vehicles without giving up the maneuverability of single axle towing and recovery. Upfitted with a brand new Century 5130 wrecker body, Purpose Wrecker's 2006 379 Peterbilt Century 5130 is a Hot Rod power unit. With an added burgundy trim color finish and gold pinstriping, and 7 inch exhaust pipes, it's the perfect choice for customers that prefer to buy muscle quality Nused heavy duty tow trucks.

With decades of hands-on experience in the truck industry, we are true wrecker specialists and each Nused tow truck for sale is a quality wrecker that has met our high standards. Purpose Wrecker Sales staffs a talented team of industry-trained professionals that "grew up" operating, building, installing, painting, and servicing wreckers and rollbacks.

We build wreckers and rollback carriers on all chassis and we'll have that next Nused tow truck you need, ready for you to drive home. View our inventory of new, Nused, and used tow trucks, wreckers and rollback carriers online or visit us at 1732 Prospect Road in Wentzville, MO. With our long-standing experience in the towing and recovery industry, we'll help you find the tow truck, wrecker, rollback and tow truck equipment that you're looking for. Give us a call at 636-639-9700 today for the best deals on Nused tow trucks for sale!



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