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Whether you're in the market for conventional carriers or specialty Low Center of Gravity (LCG) car carriers for sale, come see us at Purpose Wrecker. We distribute the industry's highest quality new 2014 LCG rollback/flatbed trucks manufactured by Miller Industries - the world renowned manufacturer of towing & recovery equipment, including the popular line of LCG car carriers for sale. With a full line of LCG car carriers now available by Vulcan, Century and Challenger, the choices are endless! Stop by or call Purpose Wrecker Sales at (636) 639-9700 today! Or sign up as a Subscriber and we'll email you details on every new or used LCG rollback/flatbed truck that comes through our gate.

New 2014 Chevron, Vulcan & Century LCG Car Carriers

2014 Hino Century Carrier 21' LCG

Since its introduction, Miller's revolutionary design of LCG car carriers for sale continued to evolve from industrial haulers to the entire range of rollback trucks now available in 12, 16, 20, 30 & 40 series. Dubbed the most efficient performing rollbacks on the market, Miller's 2014 LCG slideback/ flatbed product line consists of:

  • Century rollbacks for sale, with deck capacities ranging from 12,000 lbs to 40,000 lbs.
  • Vulcan flatbed trucks product line, including entire range of 12, 16, 20,30 & 40 series LCG car carriers for sale.
  • Chevron car carriers, complete line available in 12,000 lb - 40,000 lb deck capacities.

Available as aluminum or steel flatbed/slideback tow trucks, with deck lengths ranging from 21-30 feet, new LCG car carriers for sale can be mounted on your choice of chassis. Weighting about 1,500 lbs less than comparable steel carrier decks, the durable LCG aluminum rollback deck is constructed of aluminum extrusions with 4" on center cross-member spacing so the new LCG rollbacks' wheel lift provides better reach with improved lift capacity.

The original low center gravity industrial flatbed tow trucks required mounting on a tandem chassis with super single rear wheels and tires. But Miller engineers recently redesigned LCG rollback/flatbed tow trucks to increase chassis options, enhance security and protect high-end rims. Now the enhanced LCG car carriers for sale can be mounted on either a single- or tandem-axle chassis with dual rear wheels.

FEATURED FLATBED TOW TRUCK: 2014 Freightliner High Content Ext Cab Century LCG

Chassis: 2014 Freightliner Extended Cab  Wrecker: 21 ft Century 16 Series LCG Steel    Stock #: 14FRTEC21C-FR5222

2014 Freightliner Century LCG Flatbed tow truckErgonomically designed, roomy and comfortable for improved operator comfort and productivity, Purpose Wrecker's new 2014 Freightliner flatbed features a steel-reinforced aluminum cab with an extremely durable corrosion and fade-resistant finihs to provide maximum hauling capacity and extreme performance. Built to make the driver's job easier, our Freightliner cab chassis features a spacious interior and plenty of cargo storage, along with numerous driver-friendly options, such as: air brakes, dual air horns, polished tank, heated mirrors, composite visor, wood grain dash, to name just a few. A good choice for navigating narrow city streets and maneuvering tight loading areas, agile and flexible Freightliner M2 tow truck features excellent driver visibility, tight turning radius, and a wheel cut up to 55-degrees.

Powered by Cummins turbo diesel engine, rated at 260 horsepower with peak torque of 660 lbs-ft, Freightliner rollback delivers lower emissions, improved performance and best-in-class fuel economy. Matched with automatic transmission and air suspension, our 2014 Freightliner rollback provides superior power coupled with smooth, comfortable ride under the most demanding conditions. Built for superior performance and efficiency needed for tough daily use, Purpose Wrecker's 2014 M2 rollback also provides hassle-free maintenance.

Upfitted with 21 ft Century LCG steel bed, Purpose Wrecker's 2014 Freightliner LCG provides lower load angle for low clearance vehicles and high dump angle for easier removal of damaged or disabled vehicles. The enhanced LCG subframe design also features improved lift capacity and better stability when hauling loads. The lower height allows for the transport of taller loads such as forklifts or man-lifts that maybe over-height on a conventional carrier. With load rating of 12,000 lbs and wheel lift rating of 3,500 lbs, our steel LCG rollback maximizes payload capacity while delivering the power and torque for the toughest challenges. Featuring numerous practical and work-friendly features, such as 8,000 lbs winch, steel removable rails, dual tool boxes, LED light bar, L-arms, and much more, Purpose Wrecker's 2014 Freightliner Century LCG rollback for sale provides you with the practical and affordable solution for all your most demanding jobs.

LCG Rollback/Slideback Trucks Key Enhancements

2014 Peterbilt Century  Carrier LCG Miller Industries patent-pending low center gravity technology revolutionized rollback carriers by using one of the most significant design changes in decades. LCG carrier trucks for sale use innovative subframe design that allows the flatbed deck to be mounted 5 - 8 inches lower than comparable conventional Miller carrier trucks, depending on the model and capacity of the bed ordered. Built to exceed your expectations, LCG rollback/flatbed carriers for sale feature:

  • increased carrier truck stability against sway and rollover with heavier loads,
  • better overhead clearance of car carriers when hauling vehicles or equipment,
  • easier rollback overall loading of equipment and machinery,
  • carrier ability to transport taller loads that would be too high on traditional heavy duty rollback carriers,
  • LCG super low load angle for low clearance vehicles or equipment without using ramps or wood,
  • LCG high dump angle for fast and easy unloading of damaged or disabled vehicles or equipment,
  • enhanced rollback truck handling performance of loads,
  • increased carrier trucks operator safety - most loads are at arms length and accessible from the ground, eliminating the need for stretching or climbing onto the flatbed deck.

Single LCG carrier load capacities typically range from 10,000 to 40,000 lb while a 3 or 4 car carrier truck can handle a load of of 20,000 lb on the main and 5,000 lb on the upper deck. The LCG carriers for sale bring a new dimension of user friendliness to flatbed/slideback truck operations, which allow for the easy and safe loading of difficult and expensive cars and equipment that would have not been possible without Miller's innovative low center gravity technology. Come see us for your next purchase of Miller car carriers. We have an extensive knowledge of the towing and recovery industry and the know-how to help you match the right flatbed/slideback with the right chassis for a new car carrier that's built to fit your needs.

Whether you need a SidePuller, conventional or LCG rollback/flatbed truck, Purpose Wrecker has a great selection of rollbacks for sale. If you're on a tight budget, you can turn to our full selection of used car carriers and know that you're buying a quality truck. Our sales staff is located in Wentzville/St. Louis, Missouri and we have a long distance sales team to field calls from buyers throughout the country. At Purpose Wrecker, we're focused on providing the best service and customer care to the towing & recovery industry and our sales associates will provide you with efficient support on your carriers purchase in every way. We'll work closely with you to understand your requirements and help you find the right LCG car carrier for your application.

Along with carrier truck sales, professional installations and valuable technical assistance, we provide our customers with the convenience of exceptional preventative maintenance and car carriers & equipment upgrades & repair - all at our Wentzville/St. Louis location. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the towing and recovery industry along with our wide inventory of new and used car carriers for sale makes Purpose Wrecker Sales your number one choice for towing & recovery professionals.



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