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Purpose Wrecker Home Page

OUR ADVANTAGE ~ Purpose Wrecker's competitive edge

1. We're wrecker specialists!

There are many businesses that offer rollbacks, tow trucks, wreckers and towing and recovery equipment, but not many can call themselves wrecker specialists. At Purpose Wrecker Sales we don't get bogged down with other types of sales -we exclusively specialize in wreckers. From our parts & service to financing & marketing, we're focused on providing the best service and customer care to the wrecker industry. You'll find hundreds of businesses that say they offer the same specialty service as Purpose Wrecker. But you decide. Visit our location or give us a call at 636-639-9700.

2. We build wreckers and rollbacks on all chassis

Purpose Wrecker Sales builds wreckers and rollback carriers on all chassis and we'll have that next tow truck you need ready for you to drive home. We stock truck chassis and speculate on popular equipment without having units pre-sold. We have the ability and the know-how to match the right body with the right chassis, assemble and paint the unit to the highest quality standards. View our inventory of new and used tow trucks, wreckers and rollback carriers online or visit us at 1732 Prospect Road in Wentzville, MO.

3. Timely response & quality customer care

Whether you're inquiring about service, warranty or information about our new or used rollback carriers, tow trucks, and wreckers, you'll get a timely response from our staff. We have both in-house personnel and a long distance sales team ready to answer your questions and assist your every need. For over 30 years we've serviced towing and recovery professionals throughout the United States and Canada and maintain our reputation for going above and beyond for our customers. We appreciate your business.

4. We take trades & buy equipment back

Fewer and fewer wrecker distributors are willing or able to accept your trade-in as partial payment on your new wrecker. Not Purpose Wrecker Sales. We get some of our best used rollback trucks, wreckers and tow trucks from folks who trade in their used towtrucks and carriers and upgrade to a new vehicle.

Purpose Wrecker is also one of the few businesses who will work with you to make that next purchase happen. Need to sell off rollbacks or wreckers before you can make an adjustment to your fleet? We'll appraise your towtrucks, carriers or heavy duty wreckers and buy them from you to provide you with the cash you need to make those strategic moves and avoid going to the bank and borrowing. Purpose Wrecker Sales lot in Wentzville, MO

5. Convenient Subscriber Notification every time a new unit rolls through our gate

At Purpose Wrecker we understand the demands of towing and recovery professionals and work hard to make our inventory as accessible to you as possible. That's what prompted our Subscriber section. Just fill out the subscriber form and you'll receive email every time a new rollback carrier, tow truck or wrecker rolls through out gate, complete with a photo and detail specifications.

6. Delivery that saves you time and money

Most dealers will deliver your wrecker to you if you're within an hour or two from their location but anything further than that and you're on your own. At Purpose Wrecker, we contract airlines employees that fly free, which allows them to drive your next wrecker, rollback carrier or heavy duty tow truck to you and fly home at "no charge." This approach reduces the delivery cost to about half of what it would normally cost our customers to pickup their tow truck. We understand that your time is valuable and will help you get your purchase delivered to you as easily as possible.

7. We sell tow trucks, wreckers and rollback carriers on Consignment

Purpose Wrecker Sales is among few distributorships who accept vehicles for sale on consignment. We'll handle the sale of your rollback trucks, wreckers and tow trucks on Consignment. Anything over the asking price is considered our service fee.

8. Towing & Recovery Industry Knowledge and Experience

Our associates "grew up" operating , building, installing, painting, and servicing wreckers and rollbacks. We have an extensive knowledge of the towing and recovery industry and the know-how to help you in your next tow truck or carrier purchase. We'll help you match the right body with the right chassis for a new wrecker that's built to fit your needs. Our lot is also full of quality used tow trucks for sale that are affordable alternatives to new rollback trucks and wreckers.

Get the training and instructions from WreckMaster experienced towing and recovery instructors!
We have worked closely with WreckMaster to help improve safety and professionalism within the industry and to provide the best training experience available. Whether it's a hands on training in our large lot/off-site recovery location or classroom training, we provide settings for various scenarios and conditions necessary to deal with real-life situations. Purpose Wrecker Sales Hosts WreckMaster Training

9. Affordable parts ready for pickup or delivery

We stock a wide variety of parts and most likely have the part you need in stock right now. If we don't, we'll either buy the part you're looking for your carrier or wrecker or we'll fabricate it. All at an affordable price! Tow Trucks Selection at Purpose Wrecker Sales

We take great care to ensure you receive the right wrecker parts the first time. Our parts manager has the experience and knowledge of past and present wrecker products - a trait that's hard to find and comes only from years of experience. He'll zero in on the right part you need for the correct generation of wrecker you own. Customers can feel confident buying truck parts and accessories from us.

10. Warranty repairs are our specialty!

We service, refurbish and repair old units and give them new life, getting you back on the road making money. Whatever the make or model of your wrecker or rollback truck, we can have the experience and knowledge to handle the task. Due to the high volume of used equipment that we take on trade-in, Purpose Wrecker has repair experience on all brands of towing equipment, not just Century and Vulcan. To maximize warranty handling, we have a service manager dedicated to solving your wrecker service, repair and warranty needs with an open line of communication with Miller Industries representatives.



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